On Being A Factory Worker, 2019

Exhibition, Art Direction, Print, Animation

Venue: Anderson Gallery
Technique: Digital print | Animation | Installation |
Wheat-pasting | Resin Casting
Material: Assorted Paper | Foam | Resin | Two-way Mirror
Software: InDesign | Photoshop | After Effects
Dimension: 240 x 168 in.

Design and Art Direction: Yixue Li
Craftsmanship: Jason Pascoe
Photography: Terry Brown Studio

How does the vernacular visual language speak about disparities in China and across the globe? How does the typographic landscape around factories bring awareness to the cultural and socioeconomic gap between production and consumption?

On Being A Factory Worker is my MFA thesis exhibition that hopes to bring forward the disordered but lively visual landscape surrounding Chinese factory workers. It is designed to be "anti-designed" through a vibrant clashing color palette, and a joyful, messy, overloaded usage of typography. It also hopes to touch upon difficult questions about labor wages, rights of female workers, as well as identity transference.

2020, TDC 66 Communication Design Winner
2020, Communication Arts Design Annual 61


New York Comedy Festival, 2019

Identity, Social, Campaign, Animation 

Technique: Digital | Offset Print | Animation
Software:  InDesign | Photoshop | After Effects

Client: New York Comedy Festival (NYCF)
Studio: Wkshps
Art Direction: Chris Wu, Eric Price
Design: Yixue Li
Animation: Eric Price, Yixue Li

Following the visual identity developed by the project team at Wkshps, I designed the digital campaign, social media assets, venue posters, and other promotional materials for the New York Comedy Festival 2019. 

The New York Comedy Festival is an annual comedy festival co-founded by Jarrod Moses and Caroline Hirsch in 2004. It brings more than 200 internationally acclaimed stand-up and sketch comedians to venues across the City.


Commercial Classics (Ad Series), 2019

Campaign, Animation, Kinetic Typography

Technique: Animation
Software: After Effects

Client: Commecial Type
Studio: Wkshps
Art Direction: Chris Wu, Eric Price
Design: Yixue Li
Animation: Yixue Li

Advertising campaign series designed for type foundry Commercial Type’s new collection, Commercial Classics. Commercial Classics “is dedicated to recreating old typefaces, allowing these historical forms to escape the past and come to life again.”

Based in New York and London, Commercial Type is a joint venture between Paul Barnes and Christian Schwartz.


Ballroom Marfa (proposed), 2019

Identity, Merchindise Design

Technique: Digital
Software: Photoshop

Client: Ballroom Marfa
Studio: Wkshps
Art Direction: Chris Wu
Design: Yixue Li

Proposed merchindise design for Ballroom Marfa, an internationally recognized non-collecting contemporary art museum located in Marfa, Texas.


John Michael Kohler Arts Center (Logo Animation), 2019

Identity, Animation

Technique: Animation | Digital
Software:  Illustrator | After Effects

Client: John Michael Kohler Arts Center (JMKAC)
Studio: Wkshps
Art Direction: Chris Wu
Animation: Yixue Li
Collabrator: Ziqiao Tang

Logo animation for the John Michael Kohler Arts Center’s new visual identity system.

The John Michael Kohler Arts Center is a not-for-profit art museum operated by the Sheboygan Arts Foundation, Inc., located in downtown Sheboygan, Wisconsin, United States.